Employee costs estimation calculator


Local and income tax ( - %)
Pension cost ( - %)
Unemployment insurance ( - %)

Employee receives monthly



Pension contribution (average %)
Employment accident insurance according to risk and the size of the company (average %)
Unemployment insurance ( %)
For companies with total wages over € 2044500,
unemployment insurance 3.9%
Group life insurance (average %)
Employer’s social security contribution ( %)
Monthly cost for annual bonus and holiday pay ( %)

Total monthly cost for employer

Average employer cost:
22,09% of employee wage for companies with total wages under € 2044500
24,99% of employee wage for companies with total wages over € 2044500


Industry-leading Technology Expertize

Finland is a true ICT superpower and a forerunner in developing digital technologies. From big players to promising start-ups, Finnish tech companies all equally build cutting edge innovations around 5G, cyber security, and other game-changing industries of the future.

World Ideas: ICT and Digitalization


Finland boldly focuses on aligning and connecting the tech industry dots: companies and investors, market opportunities, advice and industry insight.

The promised land of technology brainpower

20000 User experience designers

15000 Marketing professionals

220000 Product developers

10000 Usability experts

50000 Software engineers

10000 Content managers

With a strong legacy in mobile phone development and a dynamic start-up scene generating cutting-edge Information and Communications Technology companies, Finland can offer a deep well of talent for a wide range of industries.

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Hanna Marttinen-Deakins

Head of Industry, ICT & Digitalisation

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Hanna Martinen Deakins Techhub

As the Head of Industry, ICT and Digitalization, Hanna is in charge of our internationalization services for Finnish companies. Her 25-year experience in international business operations and management consulting, mainly at the Asian markets, covers multiple industries across the globe, but especially digital innovations.

“Finnish digitalization know-how goes deep and wide, and many digital success stories are created in our country. Finnish digital companies also get the big picture. They understand the challenges of the end customer and focus on finding solutions.”

Nora Kaarela Techhub

Our Head of Industry, Health and Wellbeing, Nora is leading our operations driving foreign investments in to Finnish health industry and venture capital for our highly innovative growth companies in the life science and health tech sectors.

Her broad experience and passion in life science and medical technology, corporate governance and venture capital business are key assets in developing companies’ performance.

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